Can I Just Replace My Chevrolet Side Mirror Glass?

A broken side mirror glass can be dangerous because it can play tricks on the way you see the cars surrounding you. Fortunately, replacing your side mirror glass is a fairly straightforward process. It does not require buying a completely new mirror assembly.

Side mirror glass

Replacing just the glass comes with a couple of benefits:

  1. It’s cheaper. It’s far cheaper than replacing the entire assembly, actually. A heated OEM replacement side mirror assembly for a 2017 Malibu (part no. 84269682) is just over $200. A heated glass for the same car (part no. 23372273) is only just over $75. That’s a $125 savings.
  2. It’s easier. It takes a few hours to install an entire side mirror assembly. And you have to tinker around with the inside of the door to take the old mirror off. It takes only ten minutes to replace the glass.

It’s a no-brainer that replacing just the glass is the better solution. However, you still have to ensure that it’s a feasible solution before starting the project.

Check Your Side Mirror Assembly First

You want to make sure that your side mirror assembly still works. There’s no use in replacing the mirror if you’re going to have to eventually replace the entire assembly. Checking the assembly is a quick and easy process:

  1. Carefully inspect the side mirror housing for cracks, dents, and holes. Don’t forget to check the underside of the housing. Damage to the housing increases the risk of dirt and moisture getting into the wiring and other components.
  2. With both hands, gently rock the entire mirror assembly in all directions to make sure it’s not loose. If it’s loose, then pop off the tweeter panel directly opposite of the side mirror. Try tightening the mirror mounting bolts.
  3. If you have power mirrors, use the controls at the driver’s seat to move the mirror fully in all directions. If the mirror doesn’t respond appropriately to the buttons, then it could be damaged, either electrically or mechanically. You can remove the glass (using the instructions below) and see if there’s anything you could fix before replacing the entire assembly.

If everything seems to work great, then replacing just the glass should do the trick.

Instructions on Replacing the Side Mirror Glass

Suburban glass

Image Credit: briansredd

The set of instructions below is based on Chevy trucks and SUVs. But you should be able to apply these instructions to other types of Chevy vehicles.

  1. Buy an OEM replacement mirror glass. (Do a search on your Chevy here for the correct part.)
  2. Grab a flat blade screwdriver.
  3. Cover the broken mirror with masking tape or duct tape to prevent cutting yourself when you remove it.
  4. Gently pull back the mirror and locate two (or more) tabs behind the mirror.
  5. Use the screwdriver to pry loose the tabs. Work around the mirror if needed.
  6. Once all the tabs are loose, the glass will pop free.
  7. Disconnect the wires from the glass if there are any.
  8. Take the new mirror glass and reconnect the wires (if necessary). Then gently push it into the assembly until everything clicks into place. Be sure to have your thumbs (or fingers) placed on the center of the glass while pushing it in to avoid breaking it.

That’s all! It’s quite an easy process anybody can do at home. Please contact us if you have any questions about the replacement process and/or buying a replacement side mirror glass.