How Many Pumpkins Can You Fit In A Chevy SUV?

Happy Halloween from GM Parts Online!

To celebrate, we're bringing you this fun infographic that illustrates the cargo space of each new 2018 Chevy SUV. To really give you an idea of each vehicle's capacity, we figured out how many pumpkins would fit in the rear of each SUV.

Here's the cargo space of each SUV behind the last row of seats (in cubic feet).

  • Trax - 18.7
  • Equinox - 29.9
  • Traverse (when equipped with 3rd row) - 23
  • Tahoe (when equipped with 3rd row) - 15.3
  • Suburban (when equipped with 3rd row) - 39.3

You might be surprised to see that the Tahoe - the second biggest of the five Chevy SUVs - holds the least amount of pumpkins, and the Equinox - the second smallest of the five - can hold more than the larger Traverse.

You might also be shocked to see that the Suburban could hold 1,155 pounds of pumpkins. That's 1/4 the weight of the average car!

Are you hauling pumpkins into the cargo space of your Chevy SUV this Halloween? Share your photos with us on Facebook.