Did Tesla Steal A Design From... Oldsmobile?!

Hey, check this out:

Old Profile

Is that a new Tesla? Nope. It’s actually an Oldsmobile concept from 2000. Yes, the year 2000. Seventeen years ago!

When Oldsmobile rolled out this concept design, we waited for its release with bated breath… only to spend an entire week crying over a tub of rocky road ice cream when Oldsmobile officially closed its doors in 2004. That’s why we nearly fell out of our chairs when we saw the first photos of this stunning futuristic car last year:

Tesla Model X

Model X Open

Photo credit: Joe Wolf

Did Oldsmobile come back? Oh, wait. That’s just the Tesla Model X. It looks an awful lot like the Profile concept car, doesn’t it? For starters, both the Profile concept and the Model X have four wheels and tires, a steering wheel, a grille-less nose, and a windshield. Even the seats look similar! Let’s take a look at the Profile’s interior:

Olds profile interior

And now the Model X’s interior:

Model x interior

Sure, the Model X has an additional row, more ergonomic seats, and a clean and modern look (as opposed to the Profile’s interior, which admittedly looks like the 90s version of a futuristic car), but otherwise, the resemblance is uncanny!

Oldsmobile Dash

Back in 2000, this dash in the Profile probably wowed the crowd, but it looks a little dated by today’s standards. No worries - Tesla brought the Profile concept’s dash to this day and age with modern technology:

Model x dash

Photo credit: Niels de Wit

Not everything about the Profile concept is dated, though. Its rear design looks much more futuristic than the Model X’s rear design.

Profile rear

The Profile’s rear design

Model x rear

The Model X’s rear design

We all can agree that the Profile concept car’s rear design was not only ahead of its time but also ahead of our time. It looks like Tesla forgot to borrow the rear design, but maybe they will for their Model 4, Y, or Z.

After comparing the two cars, we concluded that our wish came true! The Oldsmobile Profile is finally here! Thank you, Elon Musk. We always knew you were secretly one of us.