GM Fuel Pumps

Genuine GM Replacement Fuel PumpsFuel pumps are supposed to last as long as your vehicle, but that's not always how it works out. Often times, the issue is contaminated fuel, but sometimes the problem is just that fuel pumps can break.

Whatever it is that caused your fuel pump to fail, it's officially broken now, isn't it? We've put together a list of some of the more commonly replaced fuel pumps below. However, you're more than welcome to call 866-423-9926 toll-free to have us look-up your replacement fuel pump part number free of charge. Additionally, you can use our part search feature on our homepage to track down the exact fuel pump you need.

Cadillac Fuel Pumps

Chevy and GMC Fuel Pumps

Hummer Fuel Pumps

Pontiac Fuel Pumps

Again, if you don't see your fuel pump listed (or if you don't want to look thru this long page to find your vehicle), just call 866-423-9926 and we'll look it up for you. No hassle and no charge - we promise.