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About the Chevy Aveo

Chevy Aveo

The Chevy Aveo is a fun, zippy car to drive that gets great gas mileage and easily fits five people inside. To keep it running in top shape, you’ll need some replacement Aveo parts at some point in the car’s life. carries maintenance and repair parts for GM vehicles dating back to 1984. Instead of selling fake or imitation parts, we offer discounted pricing on all-original factory parts.

Replacement Mirrors – A damaged or even dislocated mirror can be easily replaced with an OEM replacement in a matter of minutes. These simple pieces are often brutally priced at the dealership, but available at a discount online at

Oil Filters – These need to be changed out at regular intervals, so you’ll be doing it several times over the life of the car. The factory oil filter provides unrivaled performance for your Chevy Aveo to keep it’s fuel system clean.

Floor Mats – Some of the stock Aveo models don’t include the floor mats, and the dealership will charge you an arm and a leg for them. Protect your car’s interior with original Chevy Aveo floor mats at a fraction of the cost and you can protect your car’s floors.

Unlike other sites, we never try to “make up for” our discounted pricing by inflating shipping prices. Call us at 866-423-9926 to get your replacement parts today.